Private Residence Project – Redmond, WA

6” x 6” Wave Glass Block combined with customer supplied windows provided a unique backdrop to this room. Natural light filters throughout the entire room with this application. Silicone was selected for the joint finish between the blocks to provide an all glass appearance. Seattle Glass Block installed these panels onsite which were put together in sections ensuring a smooth and seamless installation.

Commercial Building – Renton, WA

Structural glass flooring Seattle Glass Block installed in a commercial building in Renton. Glass flooring was selected for this project to allow light to transfer into the room below where lighting issues were a concern. Since this is an office building a privacy layer was included in the glass sections while maintaining maximum light transference

Private Residence – Walla Walla, WA

Custom fabricated Ready-4Tile pan for a tower room which is exposed to exterior elements, such as rain water. This pan, which measured 138” x 99”, was fabricated in our shop using a pre-sloped pan and extensions. Ready-4Tile was selected for this application due to its 100% waterproof properties and the time savings for installation. The contractor installed the pan in the sections as shown and was impressed with the entire Ready-4Tile system.

Private Residence – Snohomish, WA

Vista Block, solid glass block, from Pittsburgh Corning are used in this shower. The 8”x 8” Vista block are in the Statement Series from Pittsburgh Corning and add a touch of class to any application. Masonry built onsite with radius joints to make the subtle curve of the wall and stair stepped to create a truly unique glass block shower.