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Structural Glass

Standard GlassWalk Traction Control Frit Patterns

6 Inch Pavers


8 Inch Pavers

Standard Pattern

Glass Stair Tread

The GlassWalk ST system features specially designed support brackets and 3-ply stair treads 1.325″ thick. This engineered system can achieve glass stair tread spans up to 48″ wide with only two-sided support.

  • Glass Makeup/size: 3-ply 1/4″ tempered -.060 resin interlayer – 1/2″ tempered -.060 resin interlayer – 1/2″ tempered
  • Traction Control ceramic fit applied to top surface for slip resistance
  • Glass Rider also available
  • All brackets are made of aluminium with a satin finish